Beachside suburbs worth considering in Adelaide

When researching beach side suburbs you are considering to make a purchase within there are a number of things you may want to consider that will help determine where you make that purchase. It could be as simple as whether you want to be situated within the suburbs closer to the city with everything at your fingertips and not to mention the surrounding streets flooded with tourists on them nice sunny days.

You alternatively may decide you want to be within the suburbs further from the city, not as flooded with tourists and away from the large amount of hustle and bustle going on. This doesn’t always mean you will not be only a short walk away from the sand. This will more than likely give you the ability to enjoy greater sections of the beach closer to your doorstep without stepping on other people’s toes and also the ability for your kids and their friends to play for hours at the local beach side park or playground. Never less you will generally have an ice cream shop close by to be able to enjoy on the sand in the sun.

In the suburbs of Adelaide you are between 25-50 minutes’ drive away from the city depending on your location, taking into consideration that many beaches are close to main roads as well as train stations which will make commuting to and from the city a breeze or even between suburbs for that matter as this will allow you to bypass the peak hour traffic commuters in their cars.

The suburbs in which you look to make a purchase will be determined by whether you are looking to make an investment purchase or an owner occupied purchase. The style of home and the area you choose to make your purchase will most likely be determined by what your budget allows for a particular suburb. It might come down to whether you would like a more modern style property or quite simply something older with in turn has a lot of character. You might want to just be in the ever popular suburbs with fantastic views, restaurants and pubs close by, parks and tennis courts as well as them ice cream shops at hand such as the likes of Glenelg, Grange, Henley and Semaphore.

Beachside houses and units are both in a high level demand for the home owner and rental market in respective suburbs. If you are looking to make the absolute most of your investment choice it will be best to look for places where rental demand is high, such as close to public transport, lifestyle areas, and close access to schools, parks, cafes and retail shops. If in doubt it is always worth your time to research by talking with a number of local real estate agents in the respective areas to see what they say. After talking to a number of agents you will start to get a feel and see a trend in what they are saying giving you a clear idea of what the areas have to offer. The next step if you haven’t already done so will be to both work out with a broker your price range and then try to find something within that that ticks the boxes.



If you would like a free review of your situation and would like to know information regarding the mentioned beachside suburbs or any other suburb for that matter, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your mortgage broker Gerry today and he can provide you with complimentary suburb/property reports which he can talk further about should there be any questions/queries you may have.

Information above regarding median house prices courtesy of www.realestate.com.au