Five signs you need a bigger office

Growing pains? Make sure your office isn’t one of them: the 5 signs you need a bigger office

People spend half of their waking life at work. Therefore, making sure it’s as comfortable and pleasant as possible for your staff is of the utmost importance. Not only does a pleasant working environment help to boost productivity, but by law, each and every employee is entitled to a minimum amount of floorspace to work in, and as their employer, this is something that you’ll be required to provide.

Even if your office does provide your staff with enough space, it could still be time to move if you find yourselves tripping over furniture, cramming documents into full cupboards, and struggling to find an area in the building to hold client meetings!

You have more staff than you do space

Employees sharing desks or having to work in close proximity to each other is a sure-fire way of making them have disagreements over desk space, and start to notice that their desk mate has a bad habit of chewing noisily, bringing in smelly lunches, or over-aggressively typing!

If everyone can smell what the boss is cooking, this is a big sign that you need to move; and you might even be breaking the law. According to Regulation 10 of the Workplace (Health, Safety, and Welfare) Regulations 1992, your staff should be provided with a minimum of 40 square feet of floorspace each. To check if your office is big enough, just divide the total volume of the room by the number of people that would typically be working in it; if this is under 40 square feet, then it’s time to look at relocating.

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