How to style your property for sale

So you’ve decided to sell your current home – and now you’ve got to fix all those issues you’ve been ignoring whilst living there. Fresh coats of paint, fixing that light switch and creaky door – but what about the style and décor of your home?

There’s been an increasing trend in homes being staged when they’re sold – with furniture, art, and decorations used throughout to give potential buyers a glimpse of how their future home can look.

Here’s a few tips on how you can use cost effective styling strategies to improve the sale price of your home

  1. Use a staging rental company

There are professional companies which provide fixed price rental packages which include furniture, wall art, and styling. They will use furniture specific for your property, deliver setup and pack down when your property is sold. There is an increasing number of providers out there providing a competitive pricing market. Pricing will generally be based on a monthly/time basis – as not all houses will sell in the same period of time and the rental companies make their money by having their furniture rented out for as long as possible over the course of a year.

Whilst staging your property – you may need to put some of your existing household items in storage. WhatStorage notes that upwards of 25% of all self storage now is coming from property sale related activities, and that generally staging companies will have an affiliated storage partner who will be able to provide cost effective storage solutions.

  1. Cheap and cheerful decorating

With the rapid expansion of low cost modern decorations through Ikea, Kmart and online retailers, it’s possible now to come up with a cohesive style throughout your property in preparation for sale. Keeping to a budget, you can use these items and then re-sell at a later date, or use for your new home.

  1. Make the best use of your existing furniture

Sometimes it’s not a case of using new furniture and decorations – but working with what you have. Generally you want to make a room feel larger than smaller, so placement of furniture and decluttering is essential. Removal any non-essential furniture and items from each room – leaving only a few decorative pieces. Less is more.

  1. Use custom pieces to accent existing styling

You can use select unique pieces to really create appeal for your property. Whether it’s a decorative chair in the living space, a dressing table in a girls room or on trend stools in the kitchen – these little things can spark the imagination of potential buyers who are considering whether your property is right for them.

  1. Be bold with feature walls and colours

Sometimes being bold pays off – but do it to accent than dominate your property. A bold feature wall, pillows or furnishing can make a room more lively and leave a lasting memory of your property in the buyers minds. Morgan Lovell note’s they use bold solid colours now more in design – as this trend is coming back in design. Be careful not to go overboard though – less is more when using solid colours.

  1. Refresh your carpets

Dirty or stained carpets will age your properties style easily – but thankfully it’s simple to fix. Organise for a carpet cleaner to steam and shampoo your carpets, which will remove any unsightly stains and odours. If your carpets are otherwise in good conditions, still consider getting a good quality vacuum cleaner with strong suction to bring the surfaces up to their best condition.

Looking for other tips on how you best prepare to sell your home? Check out this blog on the best things you can do to make the right impression.

Do you have any style ideas which can increase the potential sale price and help buyers sell their home more quickly? Reach out and let us know your tips on improving sellers homes.