Job Searching Tips for 2018

Getting a new job is a very exciting time, as it enables you to take the step in your career. Not only will a new role in a new company give you the opportunity to develop both new and existing skills, but it could also allow you to familiarise yourself with a different sector to the ones you’ve already worked in, or take on additional responsibilities.

Each of these are essential for helping you to progress to a higher level in your chosen career path, or even begin a new career completely!

So, why is the New Year one of the best times to get a new job? For starters, it’s a time when many companies will have new budgets in place to hire additional employees, and many hiring managers will want to get started with this task as soon as possible after the restful Christmas period, as this will ensure the right people are in place before any major projects have gone underway.

However, before you go sprucing up your CV and scouring the job boards, the first thing you need to do is to assess whether it’s actually the right time and the best option for you to move to a new job. Ask yourself this; if you want to move to a new job to progress to a higher level in your career, are their equal chances to progress in your current role? Can any changes be made to the business, your role, or your working environment that would change your mind about accepting an offer for a new job in a different company?

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