The importance of Building and Pest Inspectors

When you are in the initial stages of the home purchase process, one of the early steps you need to consider is to ensure that you have the property inspected by a licensed building and pest inspector prior to purchasing. This is known as a Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspection that is organised during the cooling off period but needs to take place prior to the cooling off period ending. Don’t worry your agent will understand and be expecting an appointment to be made by the licensed inspector as this is a process they deal with daily. You will generally be able to schedule an appointment almost within a day with a building and pest inspector to which they will organise the time and date with your agent.

Many building and pest inspectors will concentrate on providing the services of the one role in particular, however they will work closely alongside another professional from the other field and be able to recommend the other should you call one and be able to make sure the two can line up to carry out the respected inspections on your property.

The licensed building inspector and licensed pest inspector will provide you a copy of their findings in a detailed report usually within the same day of inspection or within 24 hours depending on the time the inspection was conducted and also providing evidence of payment has been received.

Find below an outline of 6 important steps they cover to make sure they check over the many aspects of the property:

  1. Checking for structural issues

A structurally sound building is a must when you’re making a purchase because of safety reasons and potential costs involved. By employing the services of a licensed building inspector they will be able to outline and identify any issues outlining the severity and in some cases be able to provide approximate costs to solve the issue.

  1. Budgeting for repairs

It may be worthwhile to purchase a building that needs some repairs because it is available for a heavily discounted price, but going into the sale without an inspection could mean big costs for hidden repair issues. By getting a licensed building inspector out to have a look they will be able to see what you see and in many cases find potential large issues. They are able to provide a second opinion as to how much the repairs may cost or find other issues with the property.

  1. Electrical wiring and smoke alarms

It is important to have a licensed building inspector have a look over your property as they will be able to check over your electrical wiring and see if there are any faults that stand out say in the roof void, potentially dangerous electrical circuit boards or even faulty switches around the house that could be fatal to young kids if not found early. Faulty electrical wiring and lack of sufficient smoke alarms installed can make for a dangerous situation that could increase the risk of electrocution and or fire. Smoke alarms are essential and required by law with any property in South Australia. Erik from www.fireplacelab.com notes that there are specific rules with placing smoke alarms within minimum distances of fireplaces or other combustion heaters in particular, as you will need to ensure that potential fire hazards are appropriately monitored, but also not triggered constantly.

  1. Identifying unsafe areas of a home

A pre-purchase building inspection will reveal any areas of the home that may be deemed unsafe. In particular the presence of asbestos and other dangerous materials, this is another reason why it is important to have a professional come and inspect your property as they will be able to point out any unsafe areas and be able to advise on what your options are.

  1. Evaluating sundry structures

The building itself is not the only part of a property that may need the keen eye of a building inspector, other structures around the property including sheds and patios and boundary fencing also have to be examined.

  1. Pest inspection

A licensed pest inspector will in many cases work alongside the building inspector and will be on the lookout for rodent activity around the property and also be able to assess if termites are present, if this is the case they will be able to trouble shoot where they are coming from and find what is fuelling them to be attracted to your property. Having termites can be a costly exercise and needs to be dealt with ASAP, if you are in the process of purchasing a house the last thing you will want is a costly repair bill on top of the termite treatment bill. By having a licensed pest inspector working for you this will outline to you the level of the issue and in many cases the inspector will be able to outline your potential costs to repair. Always confirm with the relevant government authority that they are licenced, Darren from Six Brothers Pest Control in Dallas notes that whilst regulatory bodies try to remove unlicensed individuals from operating wherever possible, fly by night operations can catch many home owners unaware before they’re caught.

A common pest control issue with properties in Adelaide is possums within roof cavaties. Due to the relatively higher frequency of trees within the metropolitan and Adelaide Hills areas – there is a high population in Adelaide. To adequately deal with possums, it’s best to use a local possum removal professional.

By having a building and pest inspection carried out by a licensed building and pest inspector will determine the overall condition of the property. The inspection will include an evaluation of any issues regarding the plumbing, heating and cooling systems, roof condition, electrical issues, foundation problems and pest activity.


Need recommendations for a licensed building inspector, pest inspector, conveyancer or other professional for your first home purchase and the options available to you? Get in touch with your mortgage broker Gerry today and he will be able to recommend professionals from our network of Qualified professionals.