Property Investors

Investing for the future of yourself and your family is important – with more Australians taking control of their finances and investing in property. As an active property investor himself, Gerry Bosco can help you maximise your ability to build an investment portfolio through investment lending strategies.

Every property investor who speaks to Gerry is able to gain use of his extensive lender options, help you understand how to maximise your borrowing capacity to buy more investment properties, decide on the best structures, utilise investment friendly lenders with cost effective rates.

If you’re a property investor Gerry can help you by:

  • How much you can borrow to invest in property
  • How to use multiple lenders at different stages of your investing career to maximise your borrowing capacity
  • Whether fixed rates or variable interest rates are better for you
  • How to reduce fees and have access to lower interest rates
  • Whether to use principal and interest or interest only for your investment loans
  • What Lenders Mortgage Insurance is, how much it costs and whether you need to use it for your purchase
  • How to borrow for the full deposit and costs when buying an investment property and how to use equity in your home to invest

Free Property Reports

As an added bonus, all clients of Gerry Bosco receive unlimited free access to Residex property reports – the most powerful property researching report in Australia. These reports will help you research what a property is worth, how much surrounding properties have sold for, sales history for the property, rental estimates and more. Be better informed by using this free access.

Not only can you gain access to the individual property reports, you also gain access to suburb reports to help you understand more about the areas you’re considering to invest in.

Free Valuations

As a high volume broker, Gerry Bosco has access to free upfront valuations for when you’re purchasing an investment property with many lenders.

This allows your property purchase to be valued before the loan is submitted at no cost – saving potentially hundreds of dollars and reducing the application timeline. Traditionally many lenders will not be willing to value a property until after they fully assess the application, meaning you may not have the property valued for weeks. Instead Gerry can have the property valued before the application is even submitted making the entire process simpler.

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