Some handy tips and tricks to brighten your home

While you might think you need an interior decorator or home designer artist to assist you with giving your home that bright, airy and updated feel this is actually something that you can do by following some simple tips and tricks that will help you to achieve the outcome you are looking for. Only you know what it is you are going to be happy looking at and what you would like to achieve with updating the feel of your home.

If you are up for the challenge that you are presented with, you will have the ability to transform and renovate a dark and sad room into a bright and airy peace of happiness with your own two hands – oh and the help from close family and friends. You might look to be doing this for yourself or if you are deciding to sell the property you might want it to be a little more appealing to the next person coming along due to seeing how other people in the local area have dressed up their property.

What you can do

  • Be conservative with your decorating

Sometimes the most strategic way to work on your decorating skills is to work off the basis of less is more, in a number of cases the smallest of changes can make the biggest of differences. If your furniture is big, bulky and dark in colour it might be worth considering your options to upgrade and update your couch to one that is a lighter colour and not so bulky. If you have a lot of knick-knacks or lots on display this can make your house look and feel cluttered, which makes a room feel less open.

  • Add a fresh coat of paint

An easy and affordable way to brighten up a dark room is to give it a fresh look and feel with a fresh coat of paint. By going down the path of a lighter neutral colour for the walls, mouldings and door frames and white for the ceilings this will give the illusion of a larger space as well as more light within the room. If you use a paint that has a sheen rather than flat or matt finish this will assist with bouncing the light rather than absorbing it. If you can’t afford to paint throughout – even a consistent clean throughout will remove most marks and bring the original paint colour back. Danny from House Cleaning Sydney notes that you need to be mindful of the age and type of cleaning products used however – as some strong chemical cleaners can remove paint accidently. Stick to a non-acidic wash to protect existing paintwork.

  • Work with natural light from windows and doors

If you were looking to get serious with the updates to your home, you could look into your options for basically renovating parts of the home by potentially upgrading and changing your windows and doors and possibly moving them to allow more light flow into the rooms and throughout the rest of the house– however these actions will not fit into the upcoming weekend schedule for the DIY project and will in many cases need to be approved by a licensed builder.

If you decide to have window coverings in place see what your local Spotlight or Big W store has to offer with lighter coloured alternatives because you don’t want to undo all your hard work with allowing light into the house.

  • Light up your world

While you might think the ultimate solution to your problem of having a dark room is to put a 100w globe into the main light fitting you will want to re think your choice as it will heavily pay off if you take a step back and look at this strategically.

Some creative ideas that have been proven in the past that will work for almost any room of the house are:

  • Have decorative mirrors on a wall use this to your advantage and have them set out much like a feature
  • Have a variety of lamps set out a large room to help balance lighting
  • Have a tall floor lamp set up in the darkest corner of say your lounge room as this will add some light and eliminate the feel of the room being dark and enclosed
  • Under cabinet LED lighting is useful for a kitchen that has a large amount of cabinets with limited lighting – the under cabinet lighting can be purchased from your local Bunnings or Ikea and will run off your power point, all you have to do is stick the lighting to where you want it.
  • Upgrade your lighting to the latest technology. Adelaide Hills Electrician recommends using high effeciency LED downlights, which can significantly reduce your bills long term and have long running lifes compared to standard halogen globes.
  • Apart from adding light equipment, you can also give your home a fresh look by replacing dirty carpets with hardwood flooring.

While you can’t pick up your house and position it to face the sun as you can see above there are a number of things you can do to assist with making your house look and feel more modern as well as some handy tricks both on a minor and major scale to brighten up those darker rooms. The transformation will no doubt soon appeal to anyone and everyone who comes into contact with the property, if you are unsure on how you would like to style your home talk to friends and family or get out to open inspections in your relative area and see how people local to your neighbourhood are styling their homes. Need more inspiration on how to improve the aesthetic of your home? Be inspired by the Samantha Clark interior design blog.

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