Top Tips for Increasing your Homes Street Appeal

One of the ways you can increase the value of your most important asset, your home, is to increase the street appeal. This can involve as little as updating the gardening, painting, right through to substantial changes to the façade to modernise and increase the appeal. Arguably improving your street appeal is the best bang for buck return on investment when updating your home, as this is the first impression your home gives to your neighbours, visitors and any potential future purchaser. Here’s some tips on ways you can improve your street appeal on any budget.


Are you stuck with a drab façade – whether it’s the old school red brick, or even fibro? You can instantly improve the style of your home by cement rendering your home, giving it more clean lines and hiding any older dated styles. Rendering also gives you the opportunity to change your external colour palette, which can flow through to feature painting for gutters, roofing etc.


Generally the cheapest option to increase the value and look of your home – gardening is essential. Whether this is a traditional European style garden, drought tolerant Australian natives or anything in between – consistency is essential to pull off the look. Design a garden plan before you head to the nursery using online software – this will help you make sure you buy the right types and amount of plants to save money and avoid mistakes which need to be fixed later. If your budget can afford it, consider adding a garden feature or adding a path. Also review whether your lawn is still in good condition – if not roll-out turf has become increasingly affordable and can instantly improve the look of your garden.

If you have any trees which need removing or maintenance – organise a local aborist who can assess the options on how to get your tree into best shape.

Modernise your garage

Most properties in Australia have a carport or garage which takes up a significant amount of the visual real estate of a properties front. Updating your garage with modern doors, automatic garage door openers and even the internal fit-out can increase not only the quality of the street appeal, but the usability for the home owner.

Roof restoration

Your roof takes up over 35% of the visual real estate of your home, in yet most Adelaide locals don’t restore their roof-lines. Roof restoration, ie re-pointing, repairing and repainting your roof. There are a few options for this – in most cases it’s best to hire a professional to complete this – however you can DIY. Working from heights can be dangerous however, so stay safe when renovating by using the correct safety tools. Also do not skimp out with your spray gun – either hire or purchase a good quality sprayer as this can be the difference between a quality job and having to pay to have the work re-done.


A fence can make or break your street appeal. As a general rule of thumb – unless your fence is specifically decorative (ie a picket fence, pillar fence), it will reduce your appeal and limit the other options mentioned above. Either replace or update your existing fence – painting and replacing any damaged posts or rails to ensure the fenceline is square as possible. Stuck with a sore thumb high fence? Consider removing it. Unless this is being used as a security measure, opening up the front of your property can help it shine.

You can otherwise also consider nature alternatives – hedges, bushes and garden beds can be used to build natural borders to your property without detracting from the appeal and value of your home.

Do you have any other tips which can help increase the value of your home?