6 easy steps to learn the ways of a neighbourhood

Purchasing a house can be a daunting time, one that is usually harder to do when moving away from family and friends to a new suburb. A great way to overcome this is to set aside some time over a number of weekends and jump in head first and make the most of the new suburb and surrounding streets, by getting amongst it all as if you were living there and part of the community will soon give you an idea of what you will be up for. At the end of it you may not move there but you might just make some new friends along the way and not to mention have had a great time.

  1. Hit the footpath

A great way to check out your suburb is to go for random walks and check out the different areas. Walk all the back streets to discover any hidden cafes or perfect views.

  1. Talk to your neighbours

If you happen to bump into your local neighbours with a takeaway coffee or a plastic bag of takeaway containers don’t be afraid to ask them where they got it from and what they recommend. Word of mouth recommendations are the best.

  1. Talk to your agent

It is an agent’s job to sell a particular house but also have you sold on the suburb, so pick their brains for information. Agents generally spend a large percentage of time in the areas they sell for. They will be able to tell you of places to go for whatever the occasion may be!

  1. Give it a go

When heading out make it a rule that when you eat out you aren’t allowed to eat at the same place twice or eat the same thing twice for a while. Try a different dish on a regular basis and this will open your variety of food that you will soon discover what your new fave is.

  1. Scope out the essentials

Find your closest hospital, doctor, police station, vet surgery and even a 24-hour chemist. It is good to know where to go if you need midnight cold and flu relief or a place to take your sick pet if the need arises. You may never use the Dr or the Dentist that’s one street away but knowing that it’s there may be of use one day.

  1. Follow the crowd

See where all the locals/Sunday tourists are heading to and take note of what the interests are for particular shops/restaurants, this will give a good indication if you are in the right spot and whether it is worth your time to give them a go.

It will be best to make the most of your outings because you want to love where you live so get out and enjoy!

If you talk to a mortgage broker they will be able to assist you with any queries you have along the way as well as talking to local real estate agents prior to taking on home ownership seeing things from a different light. Your broker will be able to explain to you the most suitable price range that you should make a purchase which in turn might determine some of the areas you will be able to potentially purchase a home in.

If you would like a free review of your situation and would like to know information about a mortgage brokers services or would like a no obligation free review, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your mortgage broker Gerry today and we can talk further about should there be any questions/queries you may have.