Bad Credit Home Loans

Being able to buy or refinance loans if you have bad credit is no longer impossible – with specialist lenders providing competitive products to help you.

Gerry Bosco can help review your current bad credit scenario and let you know the options available to help you with any purchase or refinance needs.

If you have bad credit Gerry can help find out:

  • Whether there are loan products available to help with your refinance or purchase
  • How much you can borrow
  • Whether fixed rates or variable interest rates are better for you
  • How to improve your credit file with time to allow you to get back to mainstream lending

What are bad credit home loans?

Bad credit home loans are a type of mortgage offered by a number of specialist lenders. These loans are designed to give options to people who may not qualify for loans through traditional lenders and would otherwise slip through the cracks.

These types of loans can help people may have less than perfect credit due to:

  • Defaults on their credit file from unpaid bills or late payments on existing debts
  • Low credit score from too many applications for credit in a short period of time
  • Previous declarations of bankruptcy
  • Debt agreements
  • Going into arrears on a bank account, overdraft or credit card

Gerry can assist you by fully reviewing your situation and giving you options to get approved based on your circumstances.

Do you have bad credit and need help to look at your options?

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